With accumulation knowledge of three generations, we have been producing solutions for the facade industry for more than 20 years.

As Ottonext Group of Companies, we focused on the requirements of facade systems with our Technikeen, Technic, Preshane and Novo Glaze companies and trademarks. We have accomplished successful projects in the international market in the production of mechanical connection systems. We carry our high quality and engineering understanding to the production of aluminum joinery systems, and we are expanding our family and product range with our new brand Novo Glaze.

We maintain the headings of Design, Project, R&D, Engineering, Production, Marketing-Sales (domestic-foreign) together under the Ottonext Group of Companies through our own equity capital. We carry out the necessary investments in line with our goals and grow rapidly with our own infrastructure and expert staff.


This journey; continues with values that are ingrained to our DNA such as trust, integrity, honesty, power, stability, sincerity, transparency and diligence. We are a young, dynamic and agile group. We can make quick decisions and respond effectively to expectations with correct planning and financing
In the production unit of the group; 50 blue-collar workers who are skilled in pressing are employed. We both strengthen our infrastructure and grow and strengthen our human resources upon the requirements of the new age. In our project, design, R&D, engineering, marketing-sales and export units, 30 white-collar workers are employed together with engineers and architects who are experts in facade systems. Since 2018, we have been able to process 4,000 tons of metal in 5,000 m2 indoor area, 2,000 m2 outdoor area and 700 m2 office area.
Today, our capacity and capabilities can easily meet large-scale projects. We have demonstrated this by successfully completing ambitious projects with both national and international recognition and volume.
We are increasing our service quality day by day with our working philosophy matching to the time spirit. Instead of the customary facade coating bearing elements, we enrich our product range every day through carefully planned projects that understand the needs correctly. Quality Management is registered with ISO 9001: 2015 certificate, customer satisfaction with ISO 10002: 2004 certificate, environmental Management with 14001: 2015 certificate.
Our quality standards and environmentally sensitive approach increase our international success and power. We feel justified proud of exporting to many different countries in 7 continents of the world.

Design and Project

In design and project groups, architects, structural design engineers, static engineers, 3D modeling and visual communication experts who are competent in facade industry produce the most accurate solutions together with our project managers.

Design & Production

Our factory produces the projects designed by the engineering group in the fastest and most accurate way to meet the expectations of our customers. Production plans turn into products in a short time. Our production line, which works smoothly for many projects simultaneously from time to time, produces 4,000 tons of metal per year and runs with high capacity.

Supply & Cladding

One of the most important parameters of production for the façade industry is the delivery of the product at the right time. We take care that this important link of the supply chain continues smoothly by correct planning and implementation of the services that we offer to the construction industry. We evaluate each project with an accurate schedule and we deliver the work on time.

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