It is engineering, design, R&D Castle of Ottonext Group of Companies.

It prepares the most accurate production for the project with boutique solutions and R&D activities. It produces stronger and more unique solutions with its expert staff in Engineering - Design - Project - Static - 3D Modeling - R&D - Marketing and Sales.

Technikeen Cladding Co., founded in Halifax has already signed a huge renovation project. It assumed facade cladding of “The Vuze Tower” which became the symbol of Nova Scotia –Halifax successfully. It meets all the needs of the campus under the title of facade systems and provides service at the top of World Standards for its customers in Canada.

It is the youngest member of the Ottonext Group of Companies. With 20 years of experience of our family in facade cladding systems, it primarily produces aluminum joinery solutions for its customers in Canada.

“The factory where dreams turn into products.”
It is the name of sustainable production in both speed and volume by overcoming any challenging project. It is a factory with 5.000 m2 indoors and 2.000 m2 outdoors working area where many industrial presses run as befits its name. This modern facility, which has 50 workstations under the orchestra conductorship of our production managers who are competent in facade industry and our technical teacher who devoted their years to press-mold work, has a capacity to shape more than 200 tons of metal per month.

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